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Champagne Tasting & Sabrage with the Sabre d’Or

August 8, 2019

To celebrate the anniversaries of the Chaine GB and the Sabre d’Or, we are holding a joint Champagne Tasting with Sabrage! Sample delicious vintages under the expert guidance of Vice-Conseiller Gastronomique Honoraire Julian White - and learn the ancient art of opening a bottle of champagne with a sabre! This event will take place at the Hotel Xenia in London. Further details follow soon. Vive la Chaine and Vive le Sabre d’Or!

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A Celebration of British Food

September 8, 2019

Maitre Restaurateur Matthew Randall and his team at the Rex Whistler Restaurant at Tate Britain will be our hosts for this fun evening to help us celebrate 60 years of the Chaine in Britain through food. Details to follow.

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Grouse Dinner with Bodegas Riojanas

October 31, 2019

Westminster Kingsway College will host us for a seasonal Grouse Dinner, paired with cracking Spanish wines from Bodegas Riojanas. We will be eating in the lovely Escoffier Room, with a maximum of 36 places.

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End of Year Celebration

November 30, 2019

Join us to celebrate 2019 - the 60th year of la Chaine in Great Britain! We will be enjoying a special lunch at the iconic Brown’s Hotel in Mayfair, hosted by Maitre Restaurateur Stuart Johnson. In true Chaine spirit, this will be a joint event among the London, Chilterns, Thames Valley and London City bailliages. Vive la Chaine!

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Welcome Back! Celebrating 2020 at Mosimann’s

January 19, 2020

Continuing our long tradition of celebratory Winter dinners at Mosimann’s legendary Club, we are shaking things up this year and will be getting together to celebrate the arrival of 2020 with a long, lazy Sunday lunch. Details to follow!

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