The Bailliage de Wessex was founded in 2006 and is based in southern England, mostly covering the counties of Dorset and Hampshire.

In keeping with the traditions of the Chaîne our aims are to have fun, to enjoy fine dining with good friends and to take advantage of the international reach of the Chaîne, and through these activities, to extend our friendships.

In order to accomplish this, each year we arrange a programme of dinners, lunches and trips of varying formality, but always great fun. We have members who run great restaurants and we would encourage you to try them all. Many will become firm favourites.

As an amateur gastronome, you can share fine dining experiences with fellow members, enjoy exceptional food and become knowledgeable about wine in what are considered the best restaurants in the area. You will be warmly welcomed at our establishments that display the Chaîne plaque.

As a professional, challenge the skills of your culinary and service staff as you demonstrate your expertise and creativity at events you host. Enjoy the patronage of knowledgeable gourmets and the camaraderie of your peers.

We are a very active group and our varied programme includes dinners, lunches and trips to food centres in other countries. Additionally, we encourage all our members to participate in Chaîne activities worldwide. Moreover, we are involved with promoting young chefs and sommeliers, and great suppliers of good food and wine.

Rachel Williams
Bailli Régional

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Wessex Schedule for 2024

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Ladies Lunch at The Wykeham Arms, Winchester

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