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Borthwick Castle, Gorebridge, Midlothian

April 6, 2019

Borthwick Castle is one of the finest and best preserved 15th century keeps in Scotland. An imposing fortress composed of a massive double tower surrounded by an embattled wall, it is much admired for the beauty of its proportions as well as the solidity and accuracy of its masonry. It is the culmination of a rich 600 year history which starts with its creator, Sir William de Borthwick, and continues through some of the most dramatic episodes in Scotland’s past. The castle sits on a knoll – the ‘Mote of Lochwart’ - at the centre of a small but well cultivated valley, well positioned to guard the road south to the Borders from Edinburgh. One of Borthwick Castle’s most striking features is a large gouge in the stonework of the East wall. Historians believe that this was created in 1650 by Oliver Cromwell as his Parliamentarian forces marched through Scotland en route to Edinburgh. The 10th Lord Borthwick was instructed by Cromwell to leave his castle, he refused, and the resultant damage from Cromwell’s canons can be seen to this day. As a result of this no member of the Borthwick family inhabited the castle until 1810 when J. Borthwick of Crookston bought it back.

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"Wooden Spoon" Barge on the Forth and Clyde canal

June 9, 2019

This charity barge sails from Ratho to Falkirk through the locks and onward to the Falkirk Wheel. We will have exclusive use.

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Windlestraw Lodge, Wakerburn, Galashiels

August 17, 2019

A magnificent Edwardian manor overlooking the picturesque Tweed Valley — home to an intimate restaurant, gardens and six unique luxury bedrooms. The perfect romantic getaway in the heart of the Scottish Borders. They welcome us as friends to create memories we can cherish together

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"The Bonnie Badger" Gullane, East Lothian

October 19, 2019

Tom Kitchin has acquired the Golf Inn in Gullane and is transforming it into a restaurant "with rooms". Work is still on-going with this project and the event will be updated in a few more weeks.

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Dundee - City of Discovery and V&A

December 7, 2019

Discovery Point is home to RRS Discovery – Made in Dundee | Designed for Adventure. This award-winning visitor attraction tells the story of Discovery from her beginnings in Dundee, her amazing Antarctic expedition with Captain Scott and her voyages thereafter

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