Board of Directors

The Board of Directors comprises of the Executive Committee and all the Regional Baillis.

The team of National Officers draw on a wide range of skills across many different disciplines and industries. These include running public companies, heading the country’s best known cookery school, being Master of Wine and Master Sommelier, running a successful hotel chain and heading a major PR company and a recognised international events organiser.

All the officers in the Chaîne give their time and skills for the benefit of the organisation.

Executive Committee – National Officers

Bailli Délégué Philip Evins
Tel: 07393 565010
Chancelier Darryl Thomson
Tel: 01604 677148
Argentier David Edwards
Tel: 02380 266886
Conseiller Culinaire Ben Purton
Tel: 07770 331084
Conseiller Gastronomique Janet Evins
Tel: 07900 448931
Echanson Tristan Mason-Smith
Tel: 07803 180811


Anglia - Bailli Régional Chris Lewis
Cheshire - Bailli Régional Unfilled
Chilterns - Bailli Régional Barney Quinn
Cotswolds - Bailli Régional Jackie Horsfield
London – Bailli Régional Peter George
London City - Bailli Régional Christopher Hagen
Mercia - Bailli Régional David Crews
Scotland - Bailli Régional Sheila Douglas
Solent - Bailli Régional John Wigg
South West - Bailli Régional Mark Godfrey
Sussex - Bailli Régional Tim Moore
Thames Valley - Bailli Régional Matthew Randall
Wessex - Acting Bailli Philip Evins
Yorkshire - Bailli Régional Gillian Kendall
Royal Yacht Britannia
Spicy crab with chicken