Coronavirus (COVID-19)

With the escalation of the COVID-19 global health issue we are conscious of protecting the well-being of our members, their guests, family, work colleagues and employees in the hospitality industry, and also of adhering to government directives. Sadly therefore all events arranged throughout Britain by the Bailliage of Grand Bretagne have been cancelled until further notice. Events, including postponed ones, will recommence at the earliest possible time that the situation allows.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors comprises of the Executive Committee and all the Regional Baillis.

The team of National Officers draw on a wide range of skills across many different disciplines and industries. These include running public companies, heading the country’s best know cookery school, being Master of Wine and Master Sommelier, running a successful hotel chain and heading a major PR company and a recognised international events organiser.

All the officers in the Chaîne give their time and skills for the benefit of the organisation.

Executive Committee – National Officers

Bailli Délégué Philip Evins
Tel: 01962 866355
Chancelier Darryl Thomson
Tel: 01604 677148
Argentier David Edwards
Tel: 02380 266886
Conseiller Culinaire Vic Laws
Tel: 01483 750991
Conseiller Gastronomique Janet Evins
Tel: 01962 866355
Echanson Leslie Cuthbert
Tel: 07973 325375
Chargée de Missions (Events) Frances Griffiths
Tel: 01209 861554


Anglia - Bailli Régional Sue Pickard
Cheshire - Bailli Régional Unfilled
Chilterns - Bailli Régional Barney Quinn
Cotswolds - Bailli Régional Alan Cox
London – Bailli Régional Peter George
London City - Bailli Régional Martin Vestergaard
Scotland - Bailli Régional Sheila Douglas
Solent - Bailli Régional Andrew Crawford
South West - Bailli Régional Mark Godfrey
Sussex - Acting Bailli Philip Evins
Thames Valley - Bailli Régional Steve Eagle
Wessex - Bailli Régional Paul Smith
Yorkshire - Acting Bailli Régional Gillian Kendall
Royal Yacht Britannia
Spicy crab with chicken