Jeune Chaine dinner at 28 Well Hung

September 25, 2019

28 Well Hung serves up gorgeous pasture-raised, heritage breed meats with rustic skin on chips. Expect 28 day dry-aged rump & bavette from the Dales and tender marinated lamb neck fillet from Kent and Sussex. And other guest meats and cuts. Good meat. Fast.

28 Well Hung works in partnership with farms in Cornwall, Yorkshire, Kent & Sussex who manage grazing in a way that supports and regenerates the soil, increases biodiversity and produces a meat that is brought to maturity slowly - as nature intended.

Hailed by The Independent one of 5 street food brands with "taste and traceability", 28 Well Hung is part of a new global movement aiming to regenerate 1 billion hectares of grassland by 2025.

This event is from the London Bailliage, see more London Events.