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With the escalation of the COVID-19 global health issue we are conscious of protecting the well-being of our members, their guests, family, work colleagues and employees in the hospitality industry, and also of adhering to government directives. Sadly therefore all events arranged throughout Britain by the Bailliage of Grand Bretagne have been cancelled until further notice. Events, including postponed ones, will recommence at the earliest possible time that the situation allows.

Bride Valley Vineyard

Welcome to BRIDE VALLEY where the English countryside sparkles. Bride Valley is the culmination of Steven Spurrier’s 50 years in the wine trade. It is a chance to share the joy and pleasure that wine has brought to his life.

Sited on fine southeast, south and south west facing slopes, with the same chalky soil as found in the Paris basin in which Champagne sits, Bride valley enjoys perfect conditions for sparkling wines. A low dosage and simple, non-interventionist approach to our wine making means that the character of the grapes and the terroir stay alive in your glass.

A family owned business run by Arabella, Steven and Kate Spurrier.

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Bride Valley Vineyard Limited The Court House Litton Cheney
Contact Kate Spurrier
Telephone 01308 482367

Member offer

Member discount of 10% on RRP. minimum orders 6 bottle case. Contact Kate Spurrier Tel. 01308 482367