Albury Vineyard

Bastille Day in England can be as portentous as it is in France?

Should the weather not be clement then we will be having dinner in the gazebo on the terrace, which is as close to the vines as one can get. Our Chef is Sam Peschier currently 10 years at The Wisley (previously at The Royal Automobile Club and Denbie’s Wine Estate in Dorking)and our hosts are the vineyard owner, Nick Wenman and his daughter Lucy.

ALL WINES ARE MADE FROM ORGANIC GRAPES GROWN EXCLUSIVELY IN THE SURREY HILLS We are a family-run vineyard, passionate about producing English wine of the highest quality.

Address:- Silent Pool, Shere Road Albury, Dorking, GU5 9BW Website:-

Cost: £85 Members; £90 Non-members Time: 5:50/6:00pm Abbreviated walk around the vineyard with Nick Dinner: 7:00pm Carriages: 22:00

On arrival: Albury Classic Cuvée Menu: Cornish Dressed Crab with Silent Pool Gin Cured Salmon and Beetroot Silent Pool Rose Rump of Lamb, Potato and Confit Lamb Cake, Pea Purée, Shallots, Lamb Jus Litmus Pinot Noir English Strawberry and Elderflower Dessert Albury Estate Sparkling Rose

Date postedMay 13, 2018
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