Lunch at Le Raj

November 29, 2009

Owned by our Maitre de Table Enam Ali MBE, Le Raj is one of the best restaurants in the South of England. His vision and experience has created the ultimate dining experience, recognized by the extensive collection of awards, celebrity support and press coverage Le Raj has received. Those of you who joined us for lunches in previous years will recall the attention to detail to the food and service together with the blend of flavours that is authentic Bangladeshi cuisine.

MENU SUCHANA Assorted Canapés MASLE MAWA Fillet of codfish, Thai ginger, parsley with cream sauce, Scented with Organic lime


LUCHI KOLIZA Thin fluffy bread filled with fresh chicken liver cooked with cardamom roasted herbs BAKRI KALIA Fillet of lamb cooked with garam masala, potato and myshore chilli a perfect balance of hot and spicy with a scent of corianders MURG NOWAKALI Organic chicken breasts with green pepper, shallot, cinnamon, star anise and cooked with a rich velvet mild sauce with a hint of saffron SABZI SUGONDHI Baby corn, carrots, baby potato and fresh fruits cooked with roasted herbs and fresh green garlic with a very mild sauce BAISHKHI Organic Balam Highlander rice cooked with exotic herbs and real taste of Bangladeshi rice JESSORIE NAN Five layers of thin bread with molasses and sesame seed baked in a tandoori KALAJAM Traditional Bangladeshi sweets made with caramelised milk dumpling with special fruit coulie


A selection of wines, beers and juices will compliment the reception & luncheon.

This event is from the Thames Valley Bailliage, see more Thames Valley Events.