AGM & Seafood Luncheon at The Earl of March, Lavant, West Sussex

June 30, 2016

A summer’s day in the gardens of The Earl of March was the original intention but English weather intervened. Although it did stay dry the decision was made to eat the seafood extravaganza indoors. Even the fisherman’s failed engine didn’t prevent the lobster from being delivered albeit just a little behind time. Guests were oblivious, although Giles was no doubt a little anxious, but the appearance of a weather beaten grandfather with a moving cool box brought the reality a little too close to home for some!

A delicate lobster bisque was served before the 3 towers of seafood were brought to the table. Melting ice and some leaky bottom bowls did require some nifty manoeuvring but the tastes of oyster, lobster, and crab were well worth it. Some lemon grass skewers held scallops, salmon and some monkfish. Frites were served alongside. The French theme continues with baked rounds of Camembert drizzled with oil and rosemary and into which we could dig some crostini. Wines flowed with red and white choices selected by the sommelier and General Manager Richard Miller. Richard had been a member of the Chaine in the Far East and it is hoped that Solent will enjoy his renewed interest now that he is based here and back in the hospitality business.

Out thanks to proprietor Giles Thompson and all his staff at The Earl of March for allowing us to hold our AGM beforehand and for a very enjoyable meal.

Andrew Crawford

This event is from the Solent Bailliage, see more Solent Events.