Grand Diner at Swinton Park

November 27, 2015

The first house built at Swinton Park was started in 1695 by Sir Abstrupus Danby. The building was altered during the early 1800′s and a museum was constructed which became the family chapel and is now the bar. The gardens were laid out in 1699 by George London. These were redesigned by William Danby in the 1760′s. During this time, five lakes were also dug out within the parkland. In 1882 Samuel Cunliffe-Lister bought the castle. In 1924 Samuel’s granddaugther Molly and her husband Philip came to live at Swinton, and took the name of Cunliffe-Lister whose family own it today.

Eleven members enjoyed the menu much of which was local produce.

This event is from the Yorkshire Bailliage, see more Yorkshire Events.