Dejeuner Amical at HMP Brixton

February 17, 2014

Inmates are trained to cook and to serve, and we are pre-opening "guinea pigs" to give the new students a bit of a "dry run" before the restaurant opens.

More details of the event will be made available when these are communicated to us, but the cost will be £23 for members and partners/one child (minimum age 18), and £28 for additional guests. Soft drinks may be bought on the premises, separately: no alcoholic drinks are permitted in H M Prisons.

It will be necessary to arrive at the prison by 11:30am, with either a current passport or a current photographic driving licence, for identification. We have to allow time for the party to be processed into the prison; and while this is straightforward, we must allow a couple of minutes for each attendee to be processed into the prison system.

This event is from the London Bailliage, see more London Events.