Dejeuner Amical

August 10, 2014

This will be the first event for Cassandra Charles-Bagott as its Bailli of the Bailliage de Londres.

There will be a plated starter, followed by legs of lamb, cooked on the spit in the courtyard and carved from there; with the vegetables, potatoes, vegetarian and fish options being served from chafing dishes on a hot buffet. The dessert will also be plated. All will be prepared under the direction of Daniel Ayton, Executive Sous-Chef at the hotel and our Vice-Conseillier Culinaire.

As for the liquid refreshment, there will be a complementary (and complimentary} flow of selected (not "house") wines, beer and soft drinks.

Our friends from the Sabre d’Or will be in evidence; and so, apart from the wines to be served with lunch, there may well be champagne, as well (although at an extra cost)

Last year’s event was excellent: don’t miss this one!


Salad niçoise with seared tuna

Spit roasted leg of lamb Gnocchi spinach and peppers Seafood pie Panache of vegetables Roasted potatoes

Fromage frais cheesecake with Kentish strawberries and Pimms jelly

The prices have been held to £65 for members and £70 for second or additional guests

This event is from the London Bailliage, see more London Events.