Diner Amical

October 22, 2012

For this event we will have a set menu, with the price including Reception wine, then diners will be free to choose their own wine or beer or to drink tea. The restaurant is part of the Studley Hotel and they will give us a beneficial room rate for B&B.



Japan Beef Tataki – Rare sirloin beef with a sake, ginger and orange dressing

Thai Mieng Gai - Minced chicken with ginger, fresh peppercorn, shallots, to be
wrapped in a Thai betel leaf

Hong Kong Siu Yuk - Roasted sliced belly pork with crispy crackling served with a yellow bean and honey dip

Sichuan Gan Ma Xia - Crispy fried tiger prawns tossed with Sichuan spiced black beans and peppercorns


Thai Plaa Choo Chee - Sea bass fillet with a richly spiced Thai curry sauce

Philippines Calabasa Prawns - Tiger prawns with butternut, green beans and coconut milk

Philippines Beef steak Tagalog – chargrilled sirloin with jus and lemon

Shanghai Yeung Chow fried rice

Canton Stir fried noodles with bean sprouts

DESSERT Chilled mango pudding with vanilla ice cream

Coffee or infusions

This event is from the Yorkshire Bailliage, see more Yorkshire Events.