November 30, 2010

At our next OMGD event we have the great pleasure of being lead through the wines of Chateau Musar by Ralph Hochar, Grandson of the founder of the most famous of wineries in eastern Mediterranean. Wines have been produced in the Lebanon for over 6000 years and The Hochar family vineyards in the Bekka Valley are universally considered todays best. They export around the globe and have gained a very loyal following.

In addition to tasting the current range of wines, Ralph has promised us a vertical of the eponymous Chateau Musar going back many years. The 50-60 year wines are stunning. The event will be held in the Crystal Suite of Park Lane Hilton and Executive Chef and Maitre Rotisseur Anthony Marshall has promised us a dinner that in his words “We shall make it one to remember …”

This event is from the Grande Bretagne Bailliage, see more Grande Bretagne Events.