Lunch at Brasseie Blanc Oxford

October 24, 2009

On Saturday we have arranged a light lunch at Brasserie Blanc in the famous Jericho area of Oxford. This is about 1/2 mile from the Randolph so we are organising transport from the hotel leaving at 1300.

The Brasserie Blanc group joined La Chaine last year and this is the first event that we have held in one of their establishments. Asked to describe the group, Maitre de Table Raymond Blanc said:

I am often asked what a Brasserie Blanc really is, well if the Manoir is a delicate waltz then the Brasseries are the Can Can. For sure, this is not a place for refined haute cuisine and three course meals. Rather, Brasserie Blanc is a place for relaxed enjoyment where I can offer you simple, high quality food that comes as close as possible to the meals that my mother prepared for me at home in Besançon and at a price that encourages you to visit us regularly. The real origins of French brasseries are lost in time and probably in several litres of beer, but nowadays in France they are the bastions of good eating and drinking, locally and informally. I want my Brasserie Blancs to be a central part of the local community where you can have fun and enjoy particularly good food. So sit back and relax.’ More information can be found at Brasserie Blanc 71- 72 Walton Street Oxford OX2 6AG As Brasserie Blanc do not design their menus in advance, so they can use local seasonal products, we are unable to tell you exactly what you will be eating. A typical menu is listed below and if you book, we will email you the menu nearer the time and, if necessary, modify it to suit your needs. We will also be including a glass of champagne on arrival and a glass of wine with your meal.

The restaurant is about 20 minutes walk from the Randolph, in the famous Jericho area of the town. In case of inclement weather, or for those suffering from the night before, the price includes transport to and from the hotel.

We are hopeful that Raymond will be joining us, but it depends, on his other commitments. Summer Minestrone Mint & marjoram pea pancakes, poached egg Beetroot & roquette salad

Rigatoni with Summer vegetables, tomato sauce Cornish Mackerel “Niçoise” salad Beef brochettes Moroccan spices, almond cous-cous

Blackcurrant Vacherin Poached peach Savarin Chocolate marquise, hazelnut custard

TO BOOK CONTACT VIC LAWS 01483.750991 or

This event is from the Thames Valley Bailliage, see more Thames Valley Events.